5 Security Tips for Summertime Crowds

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Ready or not, summertime crowds are here!

Canceled vacations are rebooked. Stadiums again are packed with lively fans and pool parties are as raucous as ever. Kids are squealing in parks and adults are lingering over meals out. Good-bye sheltering at home and hello getting back to gathering with families, friends, neighbors and co-workers.

People are eagerly rejoining a post-COVID world. Concerts, picnics, camping trips, winery tours and a host of summertime adventures are shifting to full capacity crowds. If you own or manage a public venue from a sports arena or theme park to a restaurant or retail store, you know how vital it is to keep guests and customers safe with peace of mind. We’re here to help with these five security tips.


  1. Plan for the crowds to keep increasing. As more and more individuals are vaccinated every day, you can expect an uptick in people doing business with you. Over the 2021 July 4th holiday weekend, AAA estimated nearly 48 million Americans would drive or fly to destinations, which is a 40 percent increase compared to the 2020 Independence Day pandemic lockdown. Another 620,000 Americans were expected to travel by bus, train or cruise line. People are tired of staying home and are flocking in record numbers to summertime venues. Be ready with extra trained security teams on duty.


  1. Expect people to let their guard down. After more than a year of restrictions and guidelines about COVID health and safety, many individuals may try to press the rules of your event or business. Now is the time to make sure your security officers are fully trained, equipped and ready to handle incidents of disorderly conduct, parking infractions, improper garbage dumping, noise nuisance and higher risk behaviors such as alcohol intoxication, illegal drugs, weapon use and violence. One bad apple in the crowd can spoil it for everyone. Many event venues and residential, commercial and retail companies like yours are hiring extra private security officers to ensure individuals and communities can pursue their summertime outings freely and peacefully.


  1. Create an incident and emergency backup plan. As the country continues to regroup from the pandemic and moves closer to normal activities, it is paramount that your security team is prepared with a detailed plan to deescalate and manage any emergency or disruptive situation. As a third party security company, Signal 88 is backed by years of expertise in reducing potential safety risks and liabilities. Our vigilant officers are trained in disaster response, medical emergencies and a number of other scenarios to keep everyone comfortable and protected.


  1. Remember that COVID-19 still poses risks. Although we would all love to see COVID in our rearview mirror forever, the reality is the coronavirus is still active and deadly. Currently in some states, the Delta variant is rapidly spreading. Disease researchers predict that more variants will spring up over time. Your security team can continue to help enforce social distancing and health protocols issued by national, state and local health agencies. Check here, for the latest COVID-19 guidelines by the CDC.


  1. Be confident of the security team you hire. It is tempting during the summer to hire young people on their high school or college breaks for your security officers. Please do not make this mistake. These fill-in employees lack the professional expertise and seasoned skills to ensure a safe gathering place for people who visit your public or private venue. You will not regret investing resources in a security company that extensively trains its officers and works with local franchise owners to deliver proven experience and commitment hour after hour, day after day, any time of year.


If you are a business owner, event manager or someone who wants to assess your security needs, contact Signal Security to schedule a free estimate. We are here to help you explore our trusted security services for public and private settings.

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