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For over 21 years, since our founding in 2003, Signal has served as a beacon in our local communities by providing a suite of world-class and industry-leading security services for residential, commercial, retail, and industrial customers.

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We fully understand that safety is fundamental to well-being.  Our promise is to provide you with peace of mind via our tailored security solutions.   We take pride in doing our job well, so that your business, neighborhood, and community is empowered to pursue your passions in life with openness, freedom, and joy.  

As security industry pioneers, we blend world-class officer training, technology innovations, professionalism, and meticulous care into bringing you unique, customer-focused service offerings. Our reputation is built and measured, not on what we say about ourselves, but by the value and safety we deliver to our clients every day.

person leaning through the passenger side window of a car to talk to a Signal employee

Our commitment to you, our client, forms the essence of the Signal brand and embodies the spirit of those who wear our uniform.

Signal is driven by a mission to serve and ensure safety. Our foundation rests on humility, adherence to the Golden Rule, and the enduring principle that the impact of how we make people feel is unforgettable.

We refer to this as “The Courage of Conscious Leadership.” Our customer loyalty stems from the integrity, skill, and dedication of our team to uphold what is just. Through constant communication and a commitment to shared values, we align closely with our clients, ensuring trust and partnership are at the forefront of everything we do.

Our brand and service-pledge are anchored in readiness to act, rapid response and transparency.

This approach ensures our clients enjoy an environment where peace of mind isn't just a goal, but a reality.

Our unwavering focus is your peace of mind, achieved through dedicated security efforts. This guiding principle shapes our daily actions, defining us as pioneers and establishing our impactful legacy as a meaningful brand and company.

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