Does Employee Safety Come First? Why Signal is the Best Choice to Protect Your Staff

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Unemployment rates in the United States have fallen to record lows. This is good news for the economy but strains businesses competing to attract and keep quality workers. Employee retention can be a big investment, but these efforts typically focus on wages, benefits, and work/life balance. Have you considered employees' safety as part of your overall retention strategy?

Signal believes that peace of mind is a necessary condition for purpose, passion, and productivity. If your employees feel unsafe, they'll be less productive, less happy, and less inclined to stay. Signal Security offers a variety of effective and flexible ways to provide peace of mind.

Signal franchises are locally owned and operated, it's easy to schedule a free consultation with a local security expert. These men and women have dedicated their careers to serving and protecting their communities. The Signal team is always happy to recommend security measures to fit your needs — even if the best solution doesn't involve our services!

Signal is best known for our mobile patrols, where an officer in a high-visibility vehicle makes rounds on a randomized schedule, several times each night. An officer who detects suspicious activity investigates on foot and files a full digital report enhanced with GPS logs and dual-vision camera footage. High-profile SUVs, LED light-bars and mounted floodlights project a strong, professional presence. Mobile patrols have proven especially effective for large office parks, plants and warehouses, and properties in wooded areas.

Every situation is unique, so custom security services can be designed by your local Signal branch. For instance, some clients have found success in a hybrid solution, with a concierge-style guard available to walk employees safely to their cars or escort them to off-site parking lots. We recommend services like these particularly for properties in urban areas or with large parking lots — especially those with inadequate lighting or other environmental risk factors.

If your business involves handling valuable goods or dangerous chemicals, extra vigilance is a must. For situations like these, Signal offers dedicated security services to monitor the property for threats within and without. Signal is happy to provide access control, lock checks, perimeter scans, and more to bring you and your team peace of mind around the clock.

No matter the situation, Signal's philosophy is to apply a proactive approach to deterring crime. We believe that planning and prevention go a long way toward peace of mind. And should a crime or accident occur, our professional officers have the training to respond with speed and efficiency. Every officer completes mandatory training courses via our proprietary online classroom, Signal Performance Academy, which far exceeds state and local training requirements.

Quite simply, keeping people safe is just the right thing to do. But a proactive approach to security isn't rooted only in virtue -- it could also be good for your bottom line. The cost of finding and replacing quality employees can mount well into the thousands of dollars, so every cent spent on employees' peace of mind is a worthwhile investment. What's more, some insurance providers will offer a reduced premium for enhanced security measures.

"It only happens to other people" has a way of turning into "It happened to me." Don't take chances on your employees' safety — a proactive security approach is the right choice.

To schedule your free security consultation or to learn more about Signal's after-hours patrol services, click here to find a local Signal owner near you.

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