A Solution for Your Commercial Property: Signal Security's NFC Tokens & Expanded Coverage

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Your commercial property is only active during business hours, but bad guys don’t clock out at 5:00. Maybe you’re looking for an after-hours security presence, but the high cost and inefficiency of a dedicated security guard is out of the question.

Signal Security’s unique mobile patrol model is a comprehensive solution designed for your needs. Trained officers travel continuously from site to site in high-visibility SUVs that deter would-be criminals, with LED light bars and reflective graphics announcing Signal’s strong and active presence.

While dedicated security guards remain in place overnight, Signal’s mobile patrols proactively search for signs of suspicious activity. This approach eliminates the guard’s temptation and opportunity to “sleep on the job,” and has proven more cost-effective than traditional, stationary guard service.

Signal officers use a cutting-edge, proprietary mobile app called Signal Edge to view tour instructions, check in at assigned locations, and file detailed reports. These searchable digital reports are forwarded to building managers and property owners, ensuring complete transparency and accountability from each patrol. This software is the cornerstone of Signal’s service offering.

Another major advantage of Signal Edge technology is the ability to assign randomized schedules to each officer. Tenants, shift workers, and 

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overnight cleaning crews will feel secure seeing Signal mobile patrols at all hours of the night, and prospective trespassers trying to “case the joint” will be foiled.

Whether the patrol is randomized or regular, Signal security officers can check in at their designated sites using “Near-field communication,” or “NFC.” This technology, used in systems like Apple Pay and Google Wallet, allows patrols to simply tap their device against a fixed “NFC token” to record their presence. This protocol is lightning-fast, reduces the potential for error or forgetfulness, and is completely unique to Signal.

Best of all, the NFC tokens are the size of a quarter and cost only a little more, meaning you can cheaply and discreetly upgrade your security operations without disruptions or costly upgrades.

This checkpoint reporting system is almost infinitely customizable to suit each client’s unique security needs. Should the officer ensure that all exterior doors are locked? Restrooms are clean? Parking lot is empty? These requests are easily handled with the Signal Edge app, which can be set to display a custom prompt when scanned.

Signal is constantly innovating security services to provide you and your community with peace of mind. With the coverage of our Mobile Patrol model made even more effective by NFC checkpoints, you can take your security operations to the next level. Click here to schedule a demo of Signal Edge software and learn more about Signal’s industry-leading security services!

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