5 reasons why you should consider retail security services

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The world of retail shopping has changed dramatically over the years. The look and feel of stores has changed, the products have changed, but the biggest change has been from in-person shopping to online shopping. Why do people now prefer to shop online?

The easy answer is convenience. Shopping online allows shoppers to skip the lines, avoid other people, and sit in the safety of their own house. So how do traditional retailers retain their customers and attract new customers back? Many retailers try to lower prices, but in reality the answer is to make the experience convenient, friendly, and safe. The easiest way to do that is to provide on-site security.

Below are 5 reasons why you should consider security at your retail center and how it will help you create a convenient, friendly, and safe experience for your customers.

1.) Prevent Theft

The most obvious reason to hire security is to prevent theft. Thieves are often people of opportunity, so if they see no opportunity for an easy steal, they aren’t going to do it. Instead, they’ll go across the street and target the next business, keeping them off of your property.

2.) Prevent Customer Incidents

Anyone who has worked in retail knows, customer incidents are inevitable and are challenging situations to deal with. These incidents can range greatly in their context, from irate customers to assaults. While these situations will never go away, having the presence of a security guard can prevent some and lessen the severity of others.

3.) Increase Customer Satisfaction

Simply put, when customer’s feel safe they have a better shopping experience. Not only that, but what’s better than being greeted with a smiling face before you even enter the store? An example of the impact security can have on customer experience is Signal Officer Lonnie Barnes. Lonnie began patrols for a local taco shop in Orange County where confrontational guests, theft, and loitering were an issue. After a month on site, Del Taco was a completely different store. 

Del Taco’s General Manager, Marciela Hernandez, said, “It's been over a month, and I couldn't be more grateful to have such a diligent person do his job with passion. I have high expectations of my team and [Barnes] became one of us, reaching my expectations. We feel safe and protected."

Read Lonnie’s story here

4.) Increase Employee Happiness

Just like customers, employees are happier when they don’t have to worry about their safety. Working alone can be scary, especially locking up for the night and walking to your car alone. Signal Security officers can help by being present during closing times, ensuring your employees are safe. Have an irate customer? The chances of things escalating are dramatically decreased with security present. With that peace of mind, your employees will perform better and stay longer.

5.) Increase Revenue

Increased customer satisfaction and employee happiness creates a great shopping experience for your customers. Great shopping experiences create long lasting customer loyalty. That loyalty makes those customers spread positive word of mouth, bringing in more customers and more revenue. This increased revenue not only pays for the security itself, but also adds to your bottom line.

The reasons for businesses to consider security are simple and the results are tangible. If you’d like to learn more about Signal for your business, click here.

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